Guillermo Adrián Molina



Location: 43893, Altafulla, Tarragona, España

Birth Date: March 11, 1975

Born at: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nationlity: Italian - Argentine



I am a senior IT consultant, graduated as an Electronic Engineer (eq Master) for the National University of Technology of Argentina. I have been working since 1994 for IT companies leadears at their markets, and I have developed all kinds of consulting skills, from sales engineer assistance, installation of large systems, education, administration and maintenance of heterogeneous systems.


Work experience

Base Gestió d'Ingressos

Senior IT Consultant
Janyary 2011 - Present

  • Coordination of projects

  • Solution architect

  • Project Planning

  • Servers, network and security administrator

  • Support of several IT technologies, including: Solaris (Sun/x86), VMWare, RedHat, Zimbra, JBoss, Oracle

Essi Projects

Sun-Oracle department technology leader
June 2006 - December 2010

  • Coordination of projects and human resources

  • Solution architect

  • Project Planning

  • New business generation

  • Competition analisys

  • Write proposals to clients with the integration of different products

  • Consulting services specalized on Sun platforms - Solaris, RedHat Linux, heterogeneous systems UNIX / Windows, Networking, SAN / NAS storage, Tuning, Clustering, etc.

  • Installation and configuration of the entire Sun line of products

  • Support and maintenance of hardware and software from Sun

GFI España

Senior IT Consultant
August 2005 - May 2006

  • Implementation and administration of a Web Apache-Tomcat/Oracle/Solaris for the intranet

  • Nagios implementation and administration

  • Design and development of solutions

  • Unix Server Administration (Sun,Fujitsu,Parrot/ Solaris)

  • Oracle 9i administration

  • Solaris Support and Training

Chocolatt Soluciones Informáticas

Senior IT Consultant
April 2005 - July 2005

  • Design and development of solutions

  • Unix Server Administration (Sun E10K, Oracle, etc.)

  • Solaris Support and Training

  • Oracle 9i basic administration

iNow Technologies de Argentina

Sun - Oracle Industry Distributor, Argentina
Senior Presales Engineer
September 2003 - March 2005

  • Design and development of solutions

  • Project Planning

  • New business generation

  • Competition analisys

  • Write proposals to clients with the integration of different products

  • Perform product demos

  • Perform technical and marketing presentations

Since April 2004, I was promoted to iNow Technologies new services branch called Numen Insight.

  • Provide consulting services, installation and support of heterogeneous environments

  • Solaris and Sun hardware consulting and tunning

  • Interoperability with Linux, Windows and UNIX operating systems

Since June 2004, I was promoted to the hands-on administration at Isofoton.

Itochu Techno Science Corporation

Sun - Oracle Industry Distributor, Argentina

Presales Engineer

March 2000 - August 2003

  • Generate proposals, define the scope of projects

  • Prepare solutions by integrating different products

  • Train and provide technical documentation for the sales force

  • Make presentations to customers

  • Sun product line specialist

  • Train and assist IT engineers

Led the company's ERP project, being responsible for:

  • Define the functional specifications of both the sales and logistic sectors and post-sales tracking

  • Define the architectural design

  • System Programming: Using Java (via JBuilder) and MySQL with Sun-Solaris infrastructure

World Wide Services

IT Consulting Services, Argentina
CEO and Senior IT Engineer
October 1997 - February 2000

  • Managing, comercial and marketing functions

  • IT services specialized on Sun platform - Solaris, and heterogeneous systems UNIX / Windows, Networking, SAN / NAS, storage, Tuning, etc.

  • Instructor of Sun official courses as Solaris Administration, Solaris Basic, Networking, Tuning, Cluster, etc.

Cidicom – Sun Service de Argentina

Sun Service partner, Argentina
Support Engineer
July 1996 - September 1997

  • Installation and configuration of Sun products

  • Support and maintenance of Sun hardware and software

  • Platform analysis and tuning

Sisteco – Sun Service de Argentina

Sun and Sun Service partner, Argentina
Support Engineer
October 1994 - June 1996

  • Installation and configuration of smaller systems

  • Front line support and maintenance


Sun and Sun Service partner, Argentina
Laboratory scholarship
April 1993 - November 1993

  • Installing and configuring personal computers

  • Wang terminals and printers reparation


Electronics Engineer (Eq. Master)

1994 -2004. Universidad Tecnológica Nacional, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Electronics Technician

1988-1993. Colegio República Francesa, Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Spanish - Native

  • English - First Certificate In English

  • Catalan - Level C


Complementary Training


  • Oracle Certified Associate, Oracle Solaris 11 System Administrator
  • RedHat Engineer - RHCE Issue: 805008583932706


  • Acer Argentina products (16 hours)

  • Solaris Basic (40 hours)

  • Solaris Administration I (40 hours)

  • Solaris Administration II (40 hours)

  • Sun Cluster Administration (40 hours)

  • Tarantella Administration (40 hours)

  • Sales Clinic (16 hours)

  • Effective Presentation and Communication (16 hours)

  • Sun JAVA Introduction (40 hours)

  • Oracle J2EE Introduction (16 hours)

  • Oracle advanced J2EE (16 hours)

  • Solaris 10 for admanced administrators (40 hours)

  • Sun Fire product line (40 hours)

  • Oracle 9i Administration (40 hours)

  • Linux Administration (40 hours)

  • RedHat Advanced Administration (40 hours)

  • Sun Fire MX000 administration (40 hours)

  • Oracle Database 11g Workshop I (40 hours)

  • VMWare VSphere Advanced Administration (20 hours)
  • ITIL Workshop (20 hours)


  • Huemul a Smalltalk implamentation (Paper published in Self-Sustaining Systems Pages 54 - 73)


  • Management and coordination of heterogeneous workgroups

  • Servers and desktop virtualization (VDI) and cloud computing

  • Administration and connectivity of Unix / Linux

  • Advanced Management, Volume Management, Clusters

  • Windows Administration and connectivity

  • Database administration, Oracle, mysql, etc..

  • Sun Software: Sun Java Enterprise System, Sun Cluster, Enterprise Backup Software, etc.

  • Free software; Zimbra, OpenLdap, mysql, etc.

  • Java, C / C + +, Smalltalk, Visual Basic and Assembler programming

  • Shell Programming, PHP, Perl, etc.

  • Network Lan / Wan

Aditional Information

  • Developer and creator of Smalltalk Huemul

  • Participation in communities such as OpenSuse, Mozilla, etc.

  • Developer and creator of the Firefox extension for KDE Wallet

  • Driver license

  • Geographic mobility

  • References on request

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